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A new way to buy & sell re-loved Electric & Rose.

Since our founding, Electric & Rose has operated with sustainability in mind: we started out in Venice hand-dying our leggings in our backyard and making just as many garments as were ordered. We haven’t changed much. We still cut, manufacture, and dye the majority of our clothes right here in Los Angeles, partnering with factories and dye houses that are family-owned and operated and just as committed to sustainability as we are. But we’re also aware that there’s always room to grow. Our hope is that the Electric & Rose Re-Loved Shop is a place for you to purchase pre-loved items, factory seconds, and up-cycled garments at reduced prices and resell pieces that don't suit you any more to give them a second life. In return, you earn money towards new E&R and nothing goes to waste. We’re trying to close our loop, and we want to create a way for our customers to be a part of the process.



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